Potty Training for new parents…

As a first-time parent, there are many unknowns about raising and taking care of my new baby girl. She is growing up fast and diaper cost is rising as she gets bigger.

On average we are spending around $750 a year including baby wipes.

There so many information on Potty Training but what I needed was an easy to follow system that has worked for many other moms. That I can use and implement.

I needed answers to questions like:

What age should I start potty training?

How early can I start toilet training?

How do I know if my toddler is ready?

What products do I need?

I hope the information I have gathered will help you with your little one. I started my research early and I found a program that has worked for many moms out there. Join us in the same season as we potty begin to train Olivia.

Check out the blog post for articles to help every new parent out there with potty training.

As far as potty training products out there. I’ve put together a list of t products that many have used and by far popular in the journey of “No More Diapers”

==> This is where I discovered the answers to my questions.


Vanessa, Will, and Olivia