Tips for moms potty training 2 kids at the same time

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Potty training multiples

There are many parents who are blessed with more than one child. This is indeed a great pleasure for the entire family to have two, three or four children.

There are also many who are mothers of twins. For such mothers, Toilet Training the both the children simultaneously can prove to be a major challenge.

It is commonly noticed that one pee or poos, the other also tends to follow the same instant.

Thus, the mother if alone is not given the sufficient time or the opportunity to take off the potty training regime one by one.

Such mothers can probably be devastated or require additional help.

But then, with some useful tips and suggestions, it becomes possible to the Potty Training Moms of twins to take care of both the child without much effort, hassle or pain.

Useful Potty Training in 3 days for two kids

Potty training twins

It is sheer discipline, loads of patience and being well organized that can help the mother of two to overcome the hassles of potty training both the kids simultaneously.

Although both the kids are born at the same time, their thinking or attitude are not alike.

Every child is undoubtedly different, with each one learning at his/her own way and speed. It is likely that the child will learn very fast.

But there are present few exceptions for some children might have certain physical, psychological or medical conditions that are to be taken into consideration.

However, the healthy, average child can get potty trained eventually. What is required is patience and instructions given with love and affection.

Useful potty training tips for the twins

If you are tired of having the dirty diapers changed every now and then of both the babies, then the process of potty training can speed up a bit.

Few things can be undertaken to ensure that both your children learn to potty the right way and quickly. Forcing the training will only hamper the entire process.

You need to wait for signs that your children are now ready to take the training. In case, they do not respond positively, then it will be wise to have the training postponed for some time.

There are some effective ways to conduct the training program.

  • Make it a fun-filled experience.
  • Provide both the children with their very own special potty seat.
  • Reward them for achieving their goals.
  • Establish a proper routine.

Overall, you need to reward and praise the positive behavior of your children and enjoy the success derived.

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