Mom’s Potty training Routines

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Potty Training RoutinesPotty training routines

According to the experts, Potty Training in 3 days is very much possible for the toddler, be it a girl or a boy.

For many first time parents, this may seem to be something really impossible. It is actually all about convincing the child that potty is actually not a monster which will swallow the little one whole.

Rather, it is the place, where harmful wastes are to be eliminated from the body.

Some have met quick success with their intelligent child understanding what is being asked to perform.

But for some, they end up witnessing wet days, trying to clean up the mess. Few are noticed to spend a good amount of money on the diapers.

All this can be avoided with proper Toilet Training routine.

How to go about potty training the little one?

Toilet training routines

This effort can be made easier for both the little one and the Potty Training Moms. Simply place your child on the potty just before they require to twinkle.

For this, you need to know your child well and when it would like to make use of the toilet.

Many may find it to be a tough task. But the truth is, witnessing the changing expression of their face will simply specify what is in their mind.

Some toddlers have been found to have that glazed type of look on the face, which clearly shows the need to visit the toilet.

It is a routine that the mother can follow, which will take to learn just about a day or two.

Some essential tips to undertake to ensure child is ready to train to use potty

  • Select special potty for the little one to use
  • Place stickers on it.
  • Provide proper and clear instructions to your child probably with visuals as to when he/she needs to access the bathroom and how. The information is to be given in an exciting manner to make the entire regime to be fun-filled.
  • The little one is to be made to sit on the potty at periods when it is the right time to go, which is 20 minutes on completion of a meal.
  • Once the potty is done successfully, you can celebrate success with your little one (with dance and song).
  • Try using encouraging words, which will motivate them to become more responsible when visiting the toilet.

Consistency in training and having immense patience combined with proper potty training routine is what can help the little child and yourself to be satisfied with the entire endeavor.

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