What Moms Can Do When Potty Training While Traveling

What Moms Can Do When Potty Training While Traveling


Portable potty training seat chair

It could be that you are a working woman and also a mother.

In such a case, it becomes crucial for you to balance your personal life with your professional life.

At the same time, you also need to dedicate precious time to your beloved little one, to ensure that he/she is growing up disciplined and is showered with all the love possible.

You may perhaps be required to take your child along to the marketplace, to parties or other places and would like to avoid accidents.

One particular aspect that you may worry about is Toilet Training.

You may not be able to focus properly on your work, worried about your little one suffering from not able to be guided properly to use the potty or create a mess on the way.

Things can go awry if it is not handled properly and on time.

Some useful Potty Training in 3 days tips to follow to eliminate such toilet training accidents

  • It is essential to train the little one to use the potty at the home during the initial training week. This can perhaps be practiced for about a week or two. While training the little one to get used to the potty training routine, you also need to organize your life accordingly.

How the trips can be managed when potty training

  • Proper planning: You child might want to use toilet or potty sometime after breakfast. If some, then, create travel plans after this time, by adding an additional half an hour grace period.Potty Training while traveling
  • Jot down any specific timing that the child prefers to go potty.
  • You are to understand how much time a drink will take to move through the body of the child until he/she feels the urge to urinate. Accordingly, plan your travel timings.
  • Do not expect your child to develop excellent bladder control skills immediately after commencing potty training. If she/he indicates ‘potty’, then it will mean the need to visit the toilet immediately.
  • You are to take along a bag containing few spare clothes, wipes including a plastic bag to carry the wet, used clothes. This will be essential for the initial few days of potty training.
  • A portable potty chair can be useful to have consistency even you are away from home.

Equally will be crucial for the Potty Training Moms to ensure that the child is taken to the toilet just before leaving the house!

This way, any urgency to potty or urinate on the way can be minimized to a great extent and the child is taught how to control itself during the journey

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