What Moms Can Do When Potty Training at Night

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What Moms Can do while Potty Training at night…


Once your little one has learned potty training day time, then it is the perfect time to take his/her Toilet Training to the next level, which is to last throughout the night.

A major difference is noticed between day and night time training. It is possible for the little one to control his/her bladder throughout the day, but at night, it could be beyond conscious control.

Night time Potty Training in 3 days

It is quite natural for the child to take extra time to learn potty training at night. As a parent, you are to be patient and not push him/her hard to achieve success on the very first day of training.

You need to make sure that your little one has achieved success during the day time before moving onto night time training.Toilet training at night

Some tips Potty Training Moms should know about night training

  • Visit the toilet prior to hitting the bed: Night time bed wetting can be minimized if the bladder is emptied before hitting the bed.
  • Limit child’s water or any liquid intake before bedtime by at least one hour. It helps to diminish the chances to have a full bladder at night.
  • The night light is to be put on: Having the night light on will help you, toddler, to find his/her way to the toilet in the dark. With the light on, they do not have to fear of the darkness.
  • Wake up the child and carry him/her along if you also feel the urge to visit the toilet at night. Initially, your child could be resistant towards it. However, once it becomes a regular routine, he/she will get used to mid-night visits to the toilet.
  • Use a waterproof sheet, training pants or pull-ups. It will be essential to protect the little one as well as the mattress from all types of accidental leaks. This can be achieved by making use of protective materials. It will be necessary if your child has not been able to still control his/her bladder.

Potty Training pad for kidsPraise and encourage the child: The truth is when compared to daytime potty training, night time training might take longer time and even months.

This is because small children do not have in them inbuilt triggers. Hence, accidents are bound to take place.

Instead of reprimanding the little one, you should use words of encouragement which is sure to motivate the little one.

It is patience, understanding your small one and proper training that can help both mom and the little one to achieve success in their mission.

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