3 Day Potty Training Program

Having your child to be potty trained can be one of the most difficult tasks you can ever accomplish as a mother or a parent. After trying out many ideas and steps, there seems to be that moment of embarrassment that is accompanied by failure and a feeling of giving up completely on having your child potty-trained. Some parents successfully potty-train their kids after several years, and some just cannot succeed in that department.

That is the reason I bring you,
Carol Klein.

You may want to call her a ‘baby potty training guru’ of some sort. You may be right. 

However, she never set out to be a professional potty trainer. It was as a result of the experiences she had while trying to get her daughter potty-trained that motivated her to discover techniques that will not only get the most stubborn child perfectly potty trained but in an incredibly short period of 3 days! 

When her daughter Emily was about 26 months old, there was an incident that brought about the turnaround and discovery of these steps. According to her, she had always wanted to have thirteen kids and live in a bricked house close to the river. Well, she had more.

Currently a mother of 3 kids, she runs a child day care center, so she has like 150 kids she tends to on a monthly basis.  She admitted that cleaning up kids’ mess was not new to her even as she tried to potty-train her daughter.

Parents initially used regular diapers before the advent of pull-up diapers that were advertised with the idea of teaching kids to potty train.

Here is the truth. The baby diapers industry is a multibillion-dollar industry. The idea of pull-ups is just a ploy to make you buy diapers after diapers.The companies know that you will not be buying diapers for too long, so to keep you buying more before your baby finally grows up, they came with pull-ups. Pull-ups do not work.

Pull-ups triple your child’s inability to be potty trained.Back at my day care, I realized more kids were using pull-ups and although some were not, those that learned to be potty trained faster were those that were not using pull-ups.

However, getting kids to understand you while teaching them to be potty trained is a daunting task. Carol had bought many things that were supposed to make her child potty trained but kept meeting with frustration.

As a shopaholic, she was with her daughter in a shop one day and saw a $348 black silk prodded dress pants. It immediately got her attention. She probably wasn’t going to buy it anyway as it was too expensive.

She just wanted to try it on, so Carol walked into the shop, took the pants off the rack to the changing room. As she was admiring how beautiful these pants looked on her, Emily had an accident and messed up the whole place, even the pants her mom was trying.

Her daughter’s lack of potty training cost not only $348 but also public embarrassments. Anyone would think ‘Well, that was the height of it’ but instead of giving up, Carol vowed to find any means to potty-train her daughter.

She established several contacts with people who already had their children potty trained and checked online for possible solutions. It was after three months that she finally stumbled upon some self-created steps that took just three days to potty-train kids.

After sharing the info with some of her clients, the big breakthrough came. People started sharing testimonies of how her method has helped them eliminate years’ potty-training problems in just three days.

However, the idea to get it online came from an old friend of hers, and since then, many people have testified via email of how helpful the guide was for them.

As at the time of writing this, there were already 263,000 users in 154 countries all over the world.

Understanding Carol’s 3-Day Potty Training Guide

Carol’s potty training guide is available on video books and audio course. A tried and true method is guaranteed to make even the most stubborn kids take pleasure in using their potty. The guide is made of six crucial building blocks that your child must go through.

Amongst those who have tried her methods, 97.2% are currently happy, and only 2.6% have had to retry.


CaroI’s team has upgraded the program to make it a sweeter deal for potential clients with three top-notch services as a bonus. However, the time for this bonus is limited, but if you order today, you will receive the bonus with 406 95-bonus number.

The guide comes with free reward charts and certificates to make it fun for you and your child. It also comes with a personal one-one-one coaching free, which would have cost you $175/hr.

In a world where nothing is perfect, I am not saying that this method is perfect, but according to our survey in the last four months, 533 out of 547 families (97.4%) have responded positively that Carol’s method eradicated their kids’ accidents and that they were fully potty trained. There is also a system put in place to help you get your money back after eight weeks if your child is not potty-trained.

The method does not involve any harsh tactics but very nurturing and improves your child’s confidence.